How To’s

Using Wild Elderberries to Make Syrup

Author and Chef Hank Shaw says that “Elderberry syrup is the first thing I do with elderberries once they come ripe in summer. Why? Because it’s so damn versatile. I’ve used it to make elderberry ice cream, poured it on top of other ice creams, and I use it in my go-to sauce for venison and wild duck, the classic Cumberland sauce.”

Black Trumpets an overlooked late summer mushroom

The black trumpet (Craterellus cornucopioides) is an often over­looked or ignored treat in the forest. Conversely, they are a highly sought after culinary mushroom, given their smoky, delicious flavor and because they are very difficult to culti­vate and grow commercially.

Butchering Big Game

When you do your own butchering, you know that the meat has been handled with care, and you get the cuts you prefer.

How to Make a Rolled Roast Using Venison or Elk Meat

1. Butterfly meat that is thicker than 1 inch by cutting into two thinner pieces; leave the meat connected at one edge. Open up the butterflied meat so it lies flat. Roll the meat tightly with the grain, tucking in any irregular edges. 2. Tie the rolled meat about an inch from the end that is farthest from you; use…