Game Bird & Waterfowl

Pheasant Milano Supreme

A recipe from Eileen Clarke's cookbook, Tenderize the Wild: Marinades, Brines and Rubs for Wild Game, that calls upon honeydew melon as the foundation for the marinade that will tenderize even the tough legs of a hard-running wild pheasant. Sweet, moist meat that you combine into a creamy sauce topped with a flavorful gremolata gives you a sure-fire dinner plate success. continue reading ›

Moroccan Wild Rabbit Stew

Here is a recipe by Chef Lukas Leaf tapping into your cast iron Dutch Oven to prepare this flavor-infused stew “campfire style”. While you could opt to prepare this recipe using a standard Dutch Oven on your kitchen range, plan to take a kid on a winter outing and create something truly memorable by harvesting and preparing your small game in the field. continue reading ›

Blueberry Grouse Pesto Pizza

A recipe for Blueberry Grouse Pesto Pizza born from experimentation based on ruffed grouse breasts poached in blueberry jelly and a restaurant serving pheasant and cherry pizza. Includes complete directions for crafting homemade pesto using fresh basil and pine nuts. continue reading ›

Roast Wild Turkey

Cutting your wild turkey into pieces and roasting in a savory broth comprised of beer and chicken broth offers an alternative to whole-roasting your bird. continue reading ›

One Pot Chinese Pheasant by Chef Tyler Viars

Break out the chopsticks and pour some sake, it is time to take Chinese rooster from the forest to fork. This pheasant recipe by Chef Tyler Viars is adapted from a chicken-based recipe crafted originally by Travel Channel host, Andrew Zimmern. Tyler's version offers a combo of heat and sweet, topped with sesame seeds and fresh cut scallions. continue reading ›

Pie Iron Campfire Wild Turkey BBQ Sandwich

You might have used a pie iron, or Pudgie pie maker, when you were a kid. Perhaps it was the pizza pie or a goey chocolate and peanut butter dessert pie cooked over the campfire. But who says you have to keep it simple? Darren Kirby shares his Wild Turkey BBQ Sandwich that opens a whole new world while using the venerable pie iron. continue reading ›

Sweet and Sour Grilled Quail

One of our contest finalists in the 2015 Outdoor News Recipe Contest Sponsored by Camp Chef SWEET & SOUR GRILLED QUAIL (OR DOVE) A simple way to prepare those tiny birds that offers big taste!  Submitted by Outdoor News reader: … continue reading ›

Sweet and Sour Grilled Quail

A finalist in the 2015 Recipe Contest Sponsored by Camp Chef SWEET & SOUR GRILLED QUAIL (OR DOVE) A simple way to prepare those tiny birds that offers big taste!  Submitted by Outdoor News reader:  Mary Anne Lecce, Illinois INGREDIENTS:… continue reading ›

Sweet and Smoky Grilled Duck

From the cookbook; Recipes from Nature by Kay & Bill Lindner Recipe contributed by Teresa Marrone 4 cups apple juice 4 cups cold water ½ cup coarse kosher salt ½ teaspoon Tabasco (or similar hot sauce) 1 or 2 whole… continue reading ›

Blackened Quail

A few months back, a friend of mine opened up to me about his secret passion for woodcock hunting.  I, too, have an undeniable love affair with the American timberdoodle.  This migrating aspen and alder tornado is an awesome game… continue reading ›

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